Monday, December 20, 2010

Angan-angan ku

Bile la agak nyer ak akan dapat awek duk kt sbelah tinggkap ak nie.....
wondering, huhuhuhu
Harap menara phone sebelah uma nie brtukar jd umah orang and ade awek mcm taylor Swift
duk kt situ, and bilik dyer setentang ngn tingkap ak

Brangan..... berangan.........

Long distance love cant be trust????
leave u comment about this issue. =P


  1. jihan pindah sbelah umah nak???? astu bwt mc tylor tu. huhuhuhu

  2. hm... i dont think so. yang penting, hati ikhlas and honesty is the best policy lah bro.. once kita jujur, distance longgggg mana pun, tarak hal punya maa. kan ?

  3. palin ak stuju sme ko..

  4. It's depends on individu. But I dont think it's that hard. if your love & devotion is strong enough, you'll be fine. Sure, you'll meet someone new and could cheat on him/her but still, you can control yourself if you truly love your boyfriend/girlfriend. isn't it? The rule of long-distance relationship is trust each other and always be honest with partner.